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NEW FEATURE: Online Payment Module Flexibility

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Friendly Manager has released a development that allows clubs choose how they wish to receive online payments on different modules such as; registrations, holiday programmes, and bookings.

We received feedback from customers requesting the ability to have different online payment methods depending on the module being used.  We are very happy to say this has now been released!

As a club administrator you are now able to pick how you want your members to make online payments on three different modules:

  1. Registrations
  2. Bookings
  3. Holiday Programmes

Note: In order to operate this feature you will need your club to be connected to Stripe.

Using this feature you will be given the ability to select three different online payment methods for each of the three modules mentioned above. You will be able to; 'Disable' online payment, Make online payments 'Optional (can pay later)', and make them 'Required'. 

The great outcome from this release is that you can have different online payment methods depending on the needs and requirements for your club.  Want registrations to require online payment but holiday programmes can be on the day payment? No problem at all! Just set registrations to 'Required' and Holiday Programmes to 'Optional'. It is that easy! 

Note: Assets & Merchandise will require the same online payment method as 'Registration Payment' as they fall within the registration process.

See below the steps and a video on how to access this feature and change accordingly:

  1. Select the settings cog in top right side
  2. Click the 'Registrations' tab
  3. Select the desired options under the fields; Registration Payment, Booking Payment, and Holiday Payment
  4. Press Save


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