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Ryan Shiffman, Coaching Director at Ellerslie AFC and Tournament Director for the U11s National Tournament, was told just two weeks out from the 2020 U11s National Tournament that the software he was planning to run the event with would not be available to him.

With teams lined up from all around the country to compete at his event, he needed to come up with a solution fast.Ellerslie AFC U11s Tournament action shot


Others in the club suggested he look at Friendly Manger’s competition management software, but Ryan was concerned that implementing a new piece of software in such a short timeframe would not be possible.

He needed a dedicated website that would let him easily communicate with all the teams coming to the event, and he needed a robust competition management tool to run the draw and results.

In November 2020, with just two weeks to spare, Ryan decided to take a chance on Friendly Manager.

"I was unsure whether turning to a new management tool just two weeks before our National Tournament was set to launch was the right thing to do, but right from the start the staff at Friendly Manager put my mind at ease and worked tirelessly to ensure the product we used to display our draw and results for the tournament looked professional and was finished on time,” Ryan says.

The team at Friendly Manager saw that time was of the essence and threw their experience and expertise at the event to ensure Ellerslie Football was able to run its tournament to the standard required of a national event.

“They made themselves available at all hours to get us across the finish line,” Ryan says. “There are truly excellent staff and people behind this quality product.”

U11s National Tournament websiteIn less than two weeks, Friendly Manager had set up a dedicated website that Ryan was able to customise and brand to match existing marketing collateral.

Friendly Manager’s competition specialists assisted Ryan with creating the draw for each of the divisions and had it live on the tournament website for all teams to see.

“I began to breathe again, believing that things might actually work out okay,” Ryan recalls, “until a team pulled out just before the tournament was about to start.” The team at Friendly Manager showed Ryan how to make the changes required and the updates were on the website immediately.

Throughout the tournament, teams were able to access the draw and scores in real time and this made a large contribution to the ultimate success of the tournament.

“Running a tournament is a huge undertaking,” says Ryan. “Ensuring you have the right software to manage the competition removes hassle and significantly reduces the time required to administrate the event. The punters also think you’re amazing.”

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  • Required a very quick implementation of competition management software to run a national tournament

  • System needed to be simple use yet cope with the complexities of the different division draws

  • Software needs to have the draw and results online in real time


  • Implementation and competition set up in less than a week

  • Administration of the draws and results was simple and well supported by the Friendly Manager team

  • The tournament branded website was created in 2 days and had all the information for the tournament and live draws and results

"Right from the start the staff at Friendly Manager put my mind at ease and worked tirelessly to ensure that the product we used to display our draw and results for the tournament looked professional and was finished on time.Excellent staff and people behind this quality product"

Ryan Shiffman -  Tournament Director for U11s National Tournament



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