Friendly Manager Features

Friendly Manager has many features to help make your club administrative life easier, and  grow engagement levels with your membership base.
This page will show you how to use these features effectively and get the most out of the Friendly Manager product.

Engage with your members!



Communicate via Mailer

This video covers;

  • Targeting the right audience
  • Creating slick comms and templates
  • Utilising the mailer throughout the site
  • Reviewing communications history

Holiday Programmes-1


Grow with Holiday Programmes

This video covers;

  • Creating new programmes
  • Booking attendees into programmes
  • Applying discounts to programmes
  • Sharing programmes with members
Uniforms and Merchandise


Utilise uniforms & merchandise

This video covers;

  • Creating and editing an asset
  • Assigning assets
  • Viewing and downloading reports
  • How coaches can assign assets


Informing members through resources

This video covers;

  • Adding resources categories
  • Showing categories to specific groups,
  • Uploading new resources in different forms

Features to help set up your club

Xero Configuration


Setup Xero configuration

This video covers;

  • Accessing Xero configuration
  • Connecting Xero to your club
  • Adding Xero codes to fees already made

Fees and reporting


Understand fees with reporting

This video covers;

  • Viewing all transactions and fees
  • Creating one-off and term/season fees
  • Downloading multiple fees reports
Attendance set up


Attendance set up

This video covers;

  • Set up and take attendances
  • Communicate with attendees
  • View attendance report

Want to know more about reporting?

One of the best features Friendly Manager has is the ability to get effective reports, efficiently. There are many types of reports that can be utilised on the Friendly Manager platform.

Coming soon...

Reporting on FM

Keen to delve into club communication further? Ask no more!

7 Top Tips For Nailing Club Comms with Friendly Manager


7 top tips to nail your club comms with Friendly Manager

Ever wondered if you are making the most out of the Friendly Manager Mailer function?  A couple of our team put together this webinar that will help you see the full capability of the Mailer and take your club comms to the next level.  

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