Football Resource Hub

Friendly Manager is proud to partner with many football clubs across New Zealand and the world. This space is for all administrators of football clubs to get tips, tricks and help to assist you throughout your Friendly Manager journey. 
This space will be updated over time, so please check back regularly to see what is new!

Key videos to help you open your new season

Open a new season


How to open a new season

This video covers;

  • Creating a new season
  • Creating new registration fees
  • How to check the registration form fields

Add Grade Coordinator


Set up a grade coordinator

This video covers;

  • Adding a grade coordinator
  • Setting correct access level
  • Setting correct teams to manage
  • How to use the team allocation tool
Football - Team Allocation


Using the team allocation tool

This video covers;

  • How to locate team allocation
  • Transferring members into teams
  • Finding and dealing with duplicates

Get the most out of Friendly Manager

Coach & Manager Dashboard


Coach & manager dashboard set up

This video covers;

  • Adding a coach and manager to a team
  • Setting up and taking attendance on trainings
  • How coaches can communicate with their team

Access previous members


Accessing past season members

This video covers;

  • Why 'People' disappeared
  • Communicating with past 'People'/teams
  • Downloading information on past 'People'/teams
Set up events for games


Set up events for games

This video covers;

  • Using 'Events' to create games
  • Invite attendees and communicate with them
  • Downloading reports on games

Check out Friendly Manager's features! 

Friendly Manager has a great range of features to help make your club administrative life easier, and will aid engagement with your membership base. 
Some of these features include:

  • Xero integration
  • Holiday programmes
  • Uniforms and merchandise
  • Resources
  • Mailer communication tool
  • Fees

Watch our features tutorials

Friendly Manager Features

Nail your comms this season!

7 Top Tips For Nailing Club Comms with Friendly Manager


Webinar: 7 top tips to nail your club comms with Friendly Manager

Ever wondered if you are making the most out of the Friendly Manager Mailer function?  A couple of our team put together a session that will help you see the full capability of the Mailer and take your club comms to the next level.  

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