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Create engaging content

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And right there is a captivating title, it has interested you enough to click here and look for more information about we are talking about today.  


You want to get people excited about what you are posting, make them want to read it. Yes, you should post the informative posts about training times and teams etc. but make it exciting! 

Here are Friendly Managers Top Tips to engaging content:  

  1. Create an Engaging Title - Get people to your page.  
  2. While making exciting content, Don’t let it Mislead the readers.  
  3. All content should be Short – Simplify your information, bullet points and single sentences. 
  4. Needs to Alert people – make them think this is why you should click on here. 
  5. Photos – Make sure they are clear.  
  6. Layout – Clean Layout, don’t overcrowd your information. Otherwise, people will skim read. 
  7. Be Interactive – Get your members to participate in polls or questionaries.   
  8. Creative – Add a bit of your club's spark to your posts, create something signature to you.  

By creating engaging content, the purpose is for you to offer something new to your followers and members. This could be an opinion seen through a new perspective, something you didn’t know before, helpful information and inspiring or entertaining content.  

Even though creating engagement means new posts, learn to re-use your content. If you post a video on your club website, that does not stop you from using the same video on Facebook and Instagram.  

Repurposing Content: 

  1. It is easier than creating new videos and content. 
  2. You can present it differently, with a different statement.  
  3. Different types of people will follow you on each platform.  
  4. There are now 3 opportunities to see your club video instead of 1. 

If you look over some of Friendly Managers other articles, then hopefully you can see that captivating titles are thought of for each post. All titles indicate a relation to the post, but they don’t completely give the content away. This means that people are more likely to read what you have said because they want to find out more information on the topic.