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Friendly Manager Updates - 30/05/2016

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We have been working hard to improve the usability and functionality of Friendly Manager to ensure we are continually providing the best software possible.

There are a number of improvements we have made that will make your life easier and perhaps aren’t that obvious. We therefore simply wanted to share these improvements with you.


Link existing contact to a person.
Previously if you were wanting to add a contact to a person it may not have been obvious that the system checks if the contact exists once you entered the first and last name. We have added two buttons which allows you to do the following:

  • Search for an existing contact and link them to the person profile that you are on.
  • Create a new contact for the person profile that you are on.

This way you have the ability to quickly add an existing person as a contact and add new contacts if this is required.


Email contacts & Email tags.
Emailing information can be quite a hassle especially if you can’t remember a certain persons’ email address. You will notice that when you search for a person it will now also bring up a button giving you the convenience to add any contacts that are set to receive communication on behalf of the person you searched for. It will also allow you to add a contact to receive the email if the person you searched for doesn’t have an email address. Put it simply, all associated contacts that are receiving communication will be added to the mailing list if you choose to do so.
Email tags now also have that same feature. Anyone with contacts associated to them will have the option to add either just them or also add their contacts.
The best way to get a better understanding of this new feature is to go and check it out by clicking on the “Mailer” menu item.


Term signup dates.
For those of you who are using our signup form we have added an additional feature that will be quite useful. You can now set a “Signup Open” date on your terms. This means you control when the signup form becomes available on your website for people to begin registering for that particular term. Currently the “Signup Close” date is being calculated by our system, if you want to have this set please contact us and we will get this sorted for you.


Signup form Version 2.
As mentioned in our last email we would be rolling out a new version of the signup form. This has now been completed. For those of you who are using the signup form we have made sure it is working smoothly and the transition was made without hassle. If you are interested in allowing new members to sign up to your organization using a signup form please contact us for more information.


Xero Integration.
Over the last few months we have been working with Xero to create a partnership between Xero and Friendly Manager. We have officially become Xero partners a few weeks ago and are in the last stages of completing our partnership before officially releasing Xero as a feature of Friendly Manager. If you want to find out more about the Xero integration we offer please get in touch with us today.


Support - We need your help! 

We are continually wanting to improve our support and  help section, we had the suggestion to create a FAQ for new and existing customers. So what we want to know is what do you want to know about?

As well as our FAQ section we are planning on releasing video tutorials for some of the main tasks that people need to know how to do. If you have any videos you are wanting please get in touch with us.

Ok that is all we have for now.