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Get more club members with management software that rocks

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Does your existing sport club management solution include pen and paper?
If yes, we hate to say it – but you are terribly outdated. And as much as you think this doesn’t affect your business, it definitely does, and the results can be terrible.

Offering The Professionalism That Counts

Long gone are the days where stick-it notes did wonders for sport clubs, sports teams etc. Nowadays, the process of spot club management is an entire process – and you should look on it that way.

So, what you need is a Cloud Based system to manage your sport club and track everyone’s progress, payments and personal details.
But how can you get more sport club members with only a software?
The answer is – thanks to the results each member will achieve and most importantly, the results that will be tracked and seen through a software. Integrated, seamless and ready to be used on any application – having a sport club management software is definitely a must.

The time has come for you to finally focus on your skills  – and let the club management software work its wonders when it comes to how often they attend practices, how regular they are with payments and how quickly they progress to another level.

An Easygoing And Affordable Approach

Investing in a sport club management software is a move only the bravest owners make. Also, it is a move that comes with lots of benefits. From event management to reservations, tracked payments, guest lists, tickets and table management – it’s a solution that helps you see, predict and react with every bit of information in regards to your sport club.
100% cloud based, exclusively branded for your club and completely digital – FriendlyManager can be the solution that gives your sport club a new perspective this year. So, why not test how it works?