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How to pick up members during slow months

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We’ve all been there – struggling to get new members during the slow periods of the season – the deep winter and the hot summer. Whether you are running a gym, a dance studio, a cheerleading club or a sports club – the root of the problem lies in your marketing.
You can bring in new members who want what you have and will do that at the lowest possible cost to you in the process. However, these are the crucial steps you need to take and make most of this period:

Research And Dig Deeper

Have you found all the ways to acquire new members and talent?
Researching your market will help you a lot. For example, just think (or ask) where your members usually gather – and find out a way to reach them through marketing. After all, it all lies in the approach.

Create A Persona

How does your average member look? What does he or she wear? Where does he or she go during the day?
Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Track everything in your sports management software and come up with a strategy that works.

Increase Your Advertising

Social media is a great place to take advantage of when it comes to potential gym members, team players or dancers. It also offers a great return on investment (ROI) on every advertisement.

Be Sure You Can Handle It

What if a thousand members walk into your gym/dance studio tomorrow and want to subscribe to your classes? Will you be able to handle it?
The truth is, you won’t. And that is why you need a specialized dance management software, sports management solution or in other words, an application that will streamline all of these processes across all your devices.
FriendlyManager is a software solution that automates the entire management process. From bills to appearances, goals to actions – there is a wide variety of features ready to help you be more professional and ready for your audience!