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New Feature: Real-time tracking of My Vaccine Pass

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As the The COVID Protection Framework is rolled out today, for a lot of clubs the tracking of My Vaccine Pass for members has become essential.  Compliance for many clubs is a huge undertaking and these organisations are needing assistance to manage the new requirements efficiently. Yesterday, Friendly Manager launched the ability to track members vaccination status in real-time, and this much anticipated development was met with a massively positive response from clubs. The key to success for clubs was driven by two needs:

  • Members being able to upload their My Vaccine Passes themselves.
  • Club administrators being able to easily see the Vaccine Pass status in real time.

In the short time that this has been released, this is some of the feedback that has been received:

"We are leaps and bounds ahead of other clubs with Covid compliance management because of this software, thanks so much!" Nikki Heatley - Papamoa Surf Lifesaving

"Thanks guys this is really great, thanks for the super quick response" Hayley Jury - Waitara Gymnastics

"Thanks team for a great solution - so easy I didn’t event need to read the instructions first"  Lynley Twyman - Swimsquads

Friendly Manager will be releasing more tools shortly as the needs of the clubs are clarified and the reality of running clubs in this new framework becomes known. If you are a club looking for the simple security of knowing you are compliant with the new traffic light system regulations, be comforted that there is now a solution to help.

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