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Run your club in COVID Level 4 lock down

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Hi There,

I was standing beside a Football club administrator as the Level 4 lockdown in New Zealand was announced and her immediate comment was...


"And that is why we love having Friendly Manager,
All our attendance tracking is sorted and flicking
out comms to our club tonight will be easy."



Here is how Friendly Manager can help your club.

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Attendance tracking... easy!

Attendance Tracking for clubs

Have you got it sorted? Each group or class can have sessions created for their training/class times and you can generate attendances for these in the settings. If a participant who is not usually in the group/class joins the session you can simply add them to that session right from the attendance page. This is easily done on your phone or a tablet.

For all one-off events, coaches can create these and invite their group/class.  This will automatically create an attendance tracker page for that event.

Administrators, did you know that there is an access level in Friendly Manager to allow you to assign people as a role taker?  You can go the persons profile and edit the system access from there.



Resources screen shot Friendly ManagerTo help look after your members we have enabled the Member Only Resources premium feature for all customers and it will stay until New Zealand is back to level 1!  It's our little way to brighten up your lock down! 

You can upload PDFs and link videos to specific groups to help them keep going over lockdown and beyond.  Melissa Wakeham, from Olympia Gymnastics, created an entire online gymnastics program for her club and was able to keep their doors virtually open through the last lock down using the Friendly Manager resources feature.

Clubs use this feature for posting training programs, video analysis, skills sessions, instructions for preparing for an event, homework, nutrition programs, vouchers from sponsors... the options are endless. What can your club do to utilise the opportunities with this feature?


Zoom Meeting Integration

Zoom Integration for clubsKeeping your members engaged during lock down is really important for mental well-being. We can help with that! Set up a Zoom integration with your recurring attendances and the link gets sent out to your crew 15 mins before the session starts so no one gets lost along the way.  

This is a great way to connect with your crew. During the last lockdown we saw awesome innovation from clubs using this tool. Clubs were reaching out to celebrities who had little else to do and had them train  with their teams on Zoom, coaches continued with virtual training sessions, baking competitions were judged and some coaches used it to make sure they were having regular connections to make sure everyone was OK. Let your creativity go wild with how you will engage with your members during lockdown.

Go to the help documents and search Zoom for full instructions on how to set this up.


Email Comms

The Friendly Manager Mailer tool helps you quickly communicate to your members.  Quick and timely communications helps members feel up with the play and reduce anxiety about what is going on.  We are helping you be the club that leads the charge with great communication.


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