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Sports Clubs & Social Media - 5 tips to make it easy

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Social media is a great easy way to talk and keep your supporters, sponsors, parents, staff, players and anyone else who is interested in staying up to date with what is going on with your club on a mass level.

However sometimes it is hard coming up with content, but the key is to keep it simple your supporters and members of the club want to know about 5 things usually….

They want to know how the club is going in the areas of …


  • Results & Fixtures of the latest games.
  • Any upcoming club events that they can attend.
  • Sponsors want to be promoted.
  • Players want to know any key drills to improve their skills.
  • All the new and exciting club news.


 So let's break it down and expand and give you some ideas on how to keep your fans happy on social media…

  1. Results & Game Times - Everyone wants to know when you win or lose, everyone has some sort of competitive nature whether it is small or large. The feeling someone or you get from knowing a result can change your mood drastically, it’s like a drug we always want more. Not only that people want to know when, where who's playing in the next game is it amps them up and allows them to supoprt your club …. 
  2. Upcoming Events - The amount of people coming to events will determine the success of your event. Say you're hosting a car boot sale to raise money for your sports club, sure you will get the parents, and the members of the club there and you may even get a few of their friends. However sometimes it's quite hard to make it out to the comunity... One of the great things with Facebook is that you can create an event and then allow your fans to share it & invite people to it to every person they know that is on social media. This will not only grow your numbers to your event but also grow the success of your event. Meaning that car boot sale is a success and your fundraising is a success….
  3. Sponsors - Your sponsors want a return on investment, they want their brand to be promoted as much as possible, they want their logo to be on every single promotional message possible that you put out, their brand is their live. So why not use social media to do exactly that. With social media it is extremely easy to be able to do this. Simply upload their logo, link to their site and give your fans and followers a reason to support your supporters. If you continue to support, promote and talk about your sponsors, then your sponsors will continue to support you, meaning your club can function just that little bit easier…  
  4. Drills - This one is for your members, your members/players want to know how to improve at their chosen sport or activity. They are constantly looking for ways to get better at their sport. The things with this is you don’t need to always create the content you just need to provide it. YouTube has 100's of professional sport starts doing master class videos. It’s all about thinking smarter not harder. These professionals are doing this for this exact reason. Use them to your advantage! - especially if that sport star was ever at your club 
  5. Club News - The people who are a part of your club want to share in the success of your club. They want to know who won what games, who was player of the day, was there any major injuries, did the ref make a bad call.  They are interested in what is going on … SO TELL THEM! The people who care about your club want to have the finger on the pulse about everything that is related to the club…. oh yeah TELL THEM, allow them to share it for you, allow them to be your marketers….

Think of your social media as your own newspaper.... More people will read a newspaper because it is relevant to them therefore it is easier it is to sell, and sell and sell and sell…

The people that are invested in your club need to keep coming back. You want them to spread the good news of your club.

If you do social media right then your fans, your members, players & supporters will be your marketers, they will ‘buy the newspaper’ … using social media the right way can not only grow your club numbers, but it can strengthen your club communication.

ps…  Watch this space for some new technology FriendlyManager is bringing out to make social media and sport easy… coming soon…

From a guy who wants to see grassroots clubs  & sport succeed