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Strong Values for Strong Club Culture

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Creating strong values are importantit allows your club to identify who you want to be portrayed as, some examples include: 

  1. Honest 
  2. Equal
  3. Kind 
  4. Respectful 
  5. Determined 
  6. Work Ethic 
  7. Pride 

Strong values create club environments where members understand how to treat each other as well as potential members around them.  

These values that you create for your club don’t have to be put on big banners painted on the side of a car or your local club newsletter.  

Values are meant to be heard, not necessarily seen 

The most powerful solution is to bring your club values to life through giving them meaning and creating action behind the words. 

Club Culture has positive reoccurring effects to your club, firstly creating a safe environment for players, coaches and support as well as creating a competitive spirit within your club and lastly bring in new sponsorship or members to your club.  

Friendly Manager prides themselves on workplace culture, which has been created in the positive work environment where everyone's voices are heard, nerf wars are essential as well as celebrating all successes 

Your strong club values can attract other club members enabling you to grow your club.  

Strong Values = Strong Club 

This is because, your club values will attract likeminded members, volunteers and leaders that will contribute to a positive club environment. 

So where should your club start?  

By creating a Vision and Mission statement.  

For your vision you want to think, where will the club will be in 10 years. Your aim is to inspire and motivate your members, coaches and supporters.  

A mission statement is a one sentence description of the club's purpose, this should be a practical statement that all members should follow.  

An example of Friendly Managers Vision and Mission statements are.  

Vision: Setting the new standard in club management software which can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime. 

Mission: Friendly Manager partners with you to provide effective and innovative club management software 

Then find 3 key values that your club is passionate about. But remember that...... 

Without actionwords are meaningless.  


{Download our club values template here to help you get started}