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Top tips for a great website

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The website that you create for your club is a reflection of who you are. You need to make your content engaging with the purpose to make people think “oh I could see myself joining this club”. If you do the opposite of these top tips below, then your website will end up looking unprofessional and messy and people will be less likely to join.  

These tips are very similar to the social media top tips, but they are so important they need to be said again.  

  1. Create a Goal of how your club is trying to come across as.  
  1. Keep your homepage Minimalistic, don’t overcrowd it with heaps of information. You can always create links. Should be the summary.  
  1. Create content that is Short and Easy to Read, don’t scare your members with an overload of information.  
  1. Make sure your site is Easy to Navigate, clearly label each link and put them in a logically correct order.  
  1. Create Clear Action Points, create buttons and links for people to get to registration pages for example. Make it easy to find and complete.  
  1. Any photos posted Shouldn’t be Blurry and need to be in the same format as each other.  
  1. Use your Club Colours, but don’t overdo it. If you have bright colours this can take away from the information you are trying to get out of the site rather than the neon yellow borders.  
  1. Only upload Relevant Information to the page  
  1. While you might find cool designs off someone else's website, keep it to brand and Unique. This is your club so make it stand out.  
  1. Have Fun with it, this is your website. Stand out and put your club on the map.  

Why do you need a good website? 
Your website is often your first impression that you give to your potential members, so it needs to be good. Other benefits show that it will enhance your credibility to show that you are a serious club, plus it can attract a wide range of new potential members. 

If you are a new club or one looking to revamp your website, Friendly Manager offers both Free and Premium website template options to help you get your website on track.  


{Download our great website checklist PDF to boost your club website}