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Want a successful Club? Use Friendly Manager

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You've read the title, all you need to become a successful club is to use Friendly Manager, that’s it! 

Well not entirely... but Friendly Manager does take away all administrative hassle of registration forms, allocating coaches to teams, invoicing through Xero, keeping track of your uniforms so they don’t get lost. Honestly, we could go on.  

Since starting in 2017 Friendly Manager has always had the goal of providing effective and innovative club management software, that’s exactly what we have doneEntering 2021 as strong as ever with some very ambitious goals in place.  

We take all feedback into consideration about how we can continue to improve our software but we also strive off the comments about how we have positively impacted how an admin runs their club. 

Happy Customer = Happy Friendly Manager 


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We weren't kidding when we said they love us and that if you want a successful club, you’ve just got to use Friendly Manager.  


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