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Why do sports clubs need an up to date website?

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Having a website is a great easy way to talk and keep your supporters, sponsors, parents, staff, players and anyone else who is interested in staying up to date with what is going on with your club on a mass level.


Heres 5 quick reasons why every sports clubs need a  website.

1: Contact info- Allow members or potential members to contact your club via a contact enquiry form. As well as your members contacting you. People can go to your site to find out where your club is and how the directions to get there.


2: Team blog - Keep everyone involved. A team blog will give the members supports and sponsors the power to give feedback and say their thoughts on the game. Not only that it's a great way to generate google reputation. 


3: Upcoming Events- Keep your members up to date with what's happening with ease, anyone can access your upcoming events and games at anytime, anywhere. Allowing members and the public to see this will create bigger 


4: Promoting sponsors - Reward your sponsors by promoting and sharing them within the online community. You can share how many views your website has had and saw their sponsorship.


5: Latest Results - Allow your fans and followers of the club to stay up to date with what is happening with the different teams even down to when someone scores a try for the 'Seniors' 


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