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Xero & Friendly Manager partnership coming soon !

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We are excited to announce that we have just about finished our first stage of integration with Xero - NZ's leading online accounting software. 

The team at Friendly Manager have one goal in mind and that is we want to make your club management as simple as possible so it made sense for us to partner with one of the leading online accounting packages on the market today ( and the best part is that they are 100% built in NZ! )

Xero came on to the accounting seen in 2006 and haven’t looked back, Xero was voted the World’s Most Innovative Growth Company in 2014 and 2015 - They are all about small business and ensuring that your accounting is simple. 


So why are we doing this? 

Our goal is to make the accounting side of your club management as seamless as possible. We don't want you double handling your accounts. We want to make it so when your members pay for their subscription fees and other items the transaction is not only tracked in Friendly Manager but is also tracked in Xero. 

Xero accounting is all about making your accounting beautiful it's about making it Simple Effective & Affordable, it's exactly the same as Friendly Manager. 

What’s the plan... 

  • Stage 1: Is all about FeesTransactions & Contacts we have set up the system so when you create a fee inside the Friendly Manager system this will automatically feed through to your Xero account. Not only that once you approve a member and they are associated with a team in Friendly Manager automatically syncs with Xero.
  • Stage 2: This is all about our new exciting addition called Uniform & Asset tracking which is close to launching... stay tuned for more soon... 
  • Stage 3: Reconciling payments from your bank fees  - we will let you know more about this soon ... 


Just some of the reasons we chose XERO

  • They are founded and based in NZ and we want to support NZ based companies!
  • We love working with the XERO system and run all our accounts through them and know it works and is easy.
  • There is no installation or updates required as it is all in the cloud just like Friendly Manager. 
  • There are online bank feeds which feed straight into XERO.
  • It just makes sense!


We are truly excited about the opportunity to partner with a worldwide recognised company that is all about making the life of people simple. 

You don't need Xero to use Friendly Manager but you should! 

We will keep you posted with more soon.... but before that have a play with Xero now 
To find out more go to www.xero.com where you can try Xero for free. - We highly recommend it! 

From a guy who knows the hassles of double data entry.