Upload your My Vaccine Pass

This info area will be available to help show you how into upload your My Vaccine Pass to your club profile.


1. Download your My Vaccine Pass

Your My Vaccine Pass can be downloaded by going to https://mycovidrecord.health.nz and creating an account or logging in.

My Covid Record-1


2. Scan My Vaccine Pass into your profile

If you are already registered with Friendly Manager can log into your member profile. You should be able to do this by going to your club website and finding the login screen.  If your club has a Friendly Manager templated website the login area will be at the top right on the home screen. If you have forgotten your password, no worries just click "Forgot my password" on the login screen and you will be emailed a new one.

Once you have logged in, click into the Vaccine Pass tab and upload or scan your My Vaccine Pass PDF.

Scan Vaccine Pass


3. Enjoy your activities

Enjoy playing sport knowing you are doing your bit to keep New Zealand safe during these challenging times. Please be patient, this is a challenge for everyone and we are all trying to do our best.

Friendly-Manager-Explainer-2 (1)

Video explainer:

How to add your My Vaccine Pass to your club profile