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Waitemata Clay Target Club


Waitemata Clay Target Club

This club had a challenge where their older patronage meant there was a bit of pushback to switching to a digital system - going online seemed a roadblock to them and their members. 

After working alongside and training them on the massive benefits in a system like this, we managed to get between 70-80% of members going through the registration process

Key benefits for Waitemata Clay Target Club have been consistent club-wide communication through the email functionality, tracking attendance, and also managing their finances. The club now has clear insight into who their members are and what they are doing.

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Stripe integration

Manage online payments and club transactions with ease, by integrating it all through Friendly Manager - up to date data in one place.

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Bulk communication

Create branded club emails easily with a drag and drop feature that makes professional communication a breeze, anytime, anywhere.

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Group management

Group your club members and allow specific levels of access to the different Friendly Manager tools.

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