How to pay for Friendly Manager

Direct Debit via GoCardless

Direct Debit is our preferred method of payment. Setup up is quick and easy, and it creates administrative efficiencies for both our organisations.
Direct Debit Registration


If you use Xero and provide us your Xero to Xero ID, we can send invoices directly to your Xero account. 


GoCardless is the provider of Friendly Manager's direct debit facility, and is similar to direct debit payment processes typically used by household utilities, council rate payments, and many more.  GoCardless is subject to New Zealand's strict financial and banking regulations. Direct debiting via GoCardless creates administrative efficiencies for the service provider and the customer, and resolves potential issues with accuracy and payment timing.


If you have any questions about your account or invoices please get in touch with our accounts team on
Please note that current and historical invoices are also viewable on the "FM Invoices" tab in Friendly Manager.