Oversee and take control of your club's calendars and attendance with a click of a button.

Club events calendar

The calendar allows you to see your entire club's upcoming events, training or practice schedules, and more. With a click of a button in Friendly Manager, you can invite members to events.


Increase your responses through invites, enabling you to ask people for their attendance via email for club events. Invite responses can be sent back through custom email or a yes or no check.

Website integration

A clubs event calendar can be pulled through to the website to display all club events outlined for the next couple of months. Allowing participants and parents another platform to outline competitions for their season.

Export event data

After the event is completed, export relevant data like payment details and attendance to have an up to date record.


Easily email invitees, those who have responded or those who have not, and send thank you comms after the event to all those who attended at the click of a button.

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