Competition Draws

Cater the setup of your competition through the many rounds and options available

Automated draws

Once your teams have registered, and you have entered your venues and times, Friendly Manager does the hard work and generates a draw in seconds.

Completed draws can be easily edited for draw date, time, venue, umpires, all with the click of a button.

Round types

Round robins, tournaments, casual competitions – they can all differ in their formats. Friendly Manager removes the manual handling by auto-generating your chosen round type then allowing you to fine tune as you require.


The drag and drop pool allocator gives great visibility and makes putting teams into pools quick and simple.


Create as many rounds as you need with various different round type templates. Subsequent rounds can be seeded from previous rounds.

Playoff builder

Structure your playoffs and draws to suit your club and sport style, with the correct terminology and formats you need.

See how Friendly Manager Can help you!

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