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New Era For Friendly Manager

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Friendly Manager is very excited to announce that we’re in the last stages of finalising a merger with Hello Club, and establishing a new company together.  

Hello Club provide a similar club and membership management platform as Friendly Manager, and are based in the same city, Tauranga, New Zealand. Excellent synergies exist between the two companies, which we feel will benefit our customers hugely.  

Both companies are passionate about supporting and empowering clubs, community groups and organisations, and both want to reduce the time and hassle involved with administration, allowing your organisation to thrive.  

Hello Club offers modern and innovative solutions for sport clubs and membership-based organisations worldwide, including an integrated facility access and lighting control system. 

Friendly Manager offers comprehensive membership management, communication and competition functionality to hundreds of sport, community and hobby clubs, along with regional and national sport organisations. 

Together, we share a vision to further develop our platforms by leveraging innovative technology and expanding our capabilities, and ultimately provide an amazing customer experience. 

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Rather than continue as two separate companies in the same city with significantly overlapping products competing against each other, we feel this is an ideal opportunity to combine our capabilities and reach our goals faster, with a better overall outcome. 

Moving forward, we will be working under a new company name and identity, which will be  announced in the coming weeks. 

It’s an exciting time for both Friendly Manager and Hello Club, and we’re delighted to progress this ‘best of both’ opportunity and continue our journeys as one company. 

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