Zespri AIMS Games

14 Different Sports - One platform

In 2019, Friendly Manager connected with Zespri AIMS Games to discuss how they could improve the delivery of the entire team-based competition, management, draws, and results for their Championships.

Zespri AIMS Games is the biggest annual competition in the southern hemisphere and in terms of competitor numbers, it's bigger than the Olympics with over 11,000 participants.


The Friendly Manager competition management platform already had a lot of functionality to make draw generation and result management more efficient, but due to the size and added complexity of all the different sporting codes requirements our team had a lot of further development to do.

This build was no small task, but once the software functionality was built and tested our team members spent 250+ hours with code coordinators and generating the draws for each of the 14 codes.  

Getting the system to provide just what was required was key, our team put in over 1500 hours of development into the system to be able to handle the complexities of a competition this size. The system is fully integrated with the Zespri AIMS Games app and provides one data source and one entry point for all information regarding draws and results.

AIMS Gymnastics

As we worked through the system requirements, the Zespri AIMS Games team realised the need for additional roles to be added.  We created these roles and the individual abilities they needed in the software to do their job.

For example, the competition management system allows umpires to be managed by an umpire coordinator, with a drag-and-drop allocator for umpire coordinators to assign umpires to games. These official allocations can then show directly onto the draw saving time and reducing errors.

The project has been challenging as we have provided Zespri AIMS Games with an adaptable platform that will serve them well for years to come. Having a world class cloud based competition management system for Zespri AIMS Games in 2021 is going to enhance the experience of the Games for all involved, from administrators to competitors alike.

Zespri AIMS Games
Zespri AIMS Games
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