Simple registrations

Simple club registration with customisable forms, making sure you get the information that you need.

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Customisable registration form 

Ensuring you gather the correct data is essential for your club. We can customise the signup form to make sure you’re collecting exactly what you need.

Club Registration

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Step by step forms

Friendly Manager makes it easy for you to get the correct information from your members. With different templated forms you can get exactly what you need from the different types of members you have. 

Registration Form Steps

Priority Registrations Icon

Priority registrations

Let your current members register for events in advance of the general public. Friendly Manager will automatically open registrations and send email messages to your members, on a date you specify.

Priority Registrations

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Age restricted forms

Group settings can restrict members registering into groups unless they have the correct age details. This limits human error in class or group selection. 

Age Restricted Forms

Make paper a thing of the past with simple online registrations


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